Call of Duty 2 Dvar & Console Command Server Information

Last updated: 10/28/05

Map Names & Gametypes

Console Commands

Dvars: Example Log Prints

mp_breakout X X X X X
mp_brecourt X X X X X
mp_burgundy X X X X X
mp_carentan X X X X X
mp_dawnville X X X X X
mp_decoy X X X X X
mp_downtown X X X X X
mp_farmhouse X X X X X
mp_leningrad X X X X X
mp_matmata X X X X X
mp_railyard X X X X X
mp_toujane X X X X X
mp_trainstation X X X X X

Sample Maplist

sv_MapRotation "gametype ctf map mp_breakout gametype hq map mp_brecourt gametype tdm map mp_burgundy gametype ctf map mp_carentan gametype hq map mp_dawnville gametype tdm map mp_decoy gametype ctf map mp_downtown gametype hq map mp_farmhouse gametype tdm map mp_leningrad gametype ctf map mp_matmata gametype hq map mp_railyard gametype tdm map mp_toujane gametype ctf map mp_trainstation"

Console Commands

Please note that a / (Forward Slash) IS required to use the in-game console correctly. Be very carefull when entering your rcon login information.

/rcon login [RCONPASSWORD]
Login to remote rcon.

/rcon serverinfo
Shows the current server's settings.

/rcon systeminfo
Shows the current System Information.

/rcon status
Displays info of all the players on the server.

/rcon exec [FILENAME]
Executes a Server Config File (located in your server's main directory)

/rcon writeconfig [FILENAME]
Saves a Server Config File

/rcon say
Post a console message to all players.

Map Commands

/rcon map mapname
Loads the map specified by mapname.

/rcon map_rotate
Loads next map in rotation set in sv_maprotation.

/rcon map_restart
Reloads the map.

/rcon fast_restart
Restarts the map.

Kick/Ban Commands

/rcon kick [NAME]
Kicks a player by name from the server. (Must include Color Codes)

/rcon kick all
Kicks all players from the server.

/rcon onlykick [NAME]
Kicks a player by name from the server. (Does not need Color Codes)

/rcon onlykick all
Kicks all players from the server.

/rcon clientkick [ID]
Kicks a player by client id from the server.

/rcon banUser [NAME]
Bans a user by their ingame name. Writes their GUID to ban.txt

/rcon banClient [ID]
Bans a user by their client number. Writes their GUID to ban.txt

/rcon tempBanUser [NAME]
Kicks and temporarily bans player by name from server.

/rcon tempBanClient [ID]
Kicks and temporarily bans player by client id from server

/rcon unbanuser [NAME]
Unban every player banned with [name]. If you want to unban a single player whose name appears more than once, you should edit "ban.txt" manually.


General Server Default Description
dedicated 0
0 Listen Server
1 Dedicated LAN server
2 Dedicated Internet Server
developer 0 Use "developer 1" (only) if checking for script errors in new script code (eg. of your own mod)
set a gametype: "gametype dm"
set a map: "map mp_brecourt"
together: "gametype dm map mp_brecourt"
or "gametype dm map mp_brecourt map mp_toujane gametype tdm map mp_carentan"
sv_pure 1
0 no checks
1 checks for modified files
sv_hostname CoD2Host Name of host
g_banIPs   Ban selected Ip's from joining your server - i.e. "," (I think)
g_password   Password to join game
sv_privatePassword   Private Slot Password
rcon_Password   Remote console password
g_logsync 0 0 - buffered writes
1 - write immediately
g_log games_mp.log name of game log file (not console log)
scr_motd   Message of the day (Does not work with stock CoD2)
g_gametype dm gametype: ctf, dm, hq, sd, tdm
net_ip   IP to listen on for multihomed servers
net_port 28960 port to listen on
sv_maxclients   Max number of players
sv_privateClients   Number of Private Player slots (Takes away from maxclients)
sv_maxRate   Server Packet Rate
sv_kickBanTime 300 Temporary ban duration in seconds
sv_disableClientConsole 0 Disable the clients Console
sv_minping 0 Minimum allowable Ping. o = disabled
sv_maxping 0 Maximum Allowable Ping. o = disabled
sv_reconnectlimit 3 Limits how long a player must wait to reconnect to a server
sv_voice 0 Voice
sv_voicequality 1 Voice Quality - Range 0-9
sv_allowdownload 1 Allow Downloads of Mods & Maps
sv_allowedClan1   Unknown at this time
sv_allowedClan2   Unknown at this time
scr_spectatefree   Allows or Disallows free spectating
scr_spectateenemy   Allows or Disallows enemy spectating

General Game Default Description
scr_allow_bar 1 0 - disable weapon
1 - enable weapon
scr_allow_bren 1
scr_allow_enfield 1
scr_allow_enfieldsniper 1
scr_allow_g43 0
scr_allow_greasegun 0
scr_allow_kar98k 1
scr_allow_kar98ksniper 1
scr_allow_m1carbine 1
scr_allow_m1garand 1
scr_allow_mp40 1
scr_allow_mp44 1
scr_allow_nagant 1
scr_allow_nagantsniper 1
scr_allow_pps42 1
scr_allow_ppsh 1
scr_allow_shotgun 1
scr_allow_springfield 1
scr_allow_sten 1
scr_allow_svt40 1
scr_allow_thompson 1
scr_allow_fraggrenades 1
scr_allow_smokegrenades 1
g_allowvote 1 Allow call voting, need to set both to 0
scr_drawfriend 0 Draws a team icon over teammates
scr_forcerespawn 0 Force respawning - DM & TDM
scr_friendlyfire 0 0 - off
1 - on
2 - reflect damage
3 - share damage
scr_killcam 1 0 - off
1 - on
scr_spectatefree 1 0 - off
1 - on
scr_spectateenemy 1 0 - off
1 - on
scr_teambalance 0 0 - off
X > 0 - Balances teams within X number of players

Capture the Flag Default Description
scr_ctf_scorelimit 5 Map score limit
scr_ctf_timelimit 30 Map time limit, in minutes - 0 to 1440

Deathmatch Default Description
scr_dm_scorelimit 50 Map score limit
scr_dm_timelimit 30 Map time limit, in minutes - 0 to 1440

Search and Destroy Default Description
scr_sd_bombtimer 60 Time until the bomb explodes once planted, in seconds
scr_sd_graceperiod 15 Time at round start where spawning and weapon choosing is still allowed, 0 - 60 seconds
scr_sd_roundlength 4 round length, in minutes
scr_sd_roundlimit 0 Max Number of round wins per map
scr_sd_scorelimit 10 Map score limit
scr_sd_timelimit 0 Map time limit, in minutes - 0 to 1440

Team Deathmatch Default Description
scr_tdm_scorelimit 100 Map score limit
scr_tdm_timelimit 30 Map time limit, in minutes - 0 to 1440

Headquarters Default Description
scr_hq_scorelimit 450 Map score limit
scr_hq_timelimit 30 Map time limit, in minutes - 0 to 1440

Example Log Prints:
default log file is games_mp.log

fields in script prints are separated by a semi colon ( ; )

Server/map/round Start:
 56:38 InitGame: \g_antilag\1\g_gametype\ctf\g_needpass\0\gamename\Call of Duty 2\mapname\mp_decoy\protocol\115\scr_friendlyfire
\0\scr_killcam\0\shortversion\1.0\sv_allowAnonymous\0\sv_floodProtect\1\sv_hostname\^2|OCG|^1CTF ^324/7\sv_maxclients\36\

 59:22 say;14352;25;|OCG|Anarchy; No we're not atm
Server Time: 59:22
Type: say
GUID: 14352
Client ID: 25
Client Name: |OCG|Anarchy
Message: No we're not atm
 62:34 sayteam;14352;25;|OCG|Anarchy; take it south
Server Time: 62:34
Type: sayteam
GUID: 14352
Client ID: 25
Client Name: |OCG|Anarchy
Message: take it south

 592:07 J;185269;5;^2|OCG|^1UnDead
Server Time: 592:07
Type: J
GUID: 185269
Client ID: 5
Client Name: ^2|OCG|^1UnDead

592:49 Q;185269;5;^2|OCG|^1UnDead
Server Time: 592:49:
Type: Q
GUID: 185269
Client ID: 5
Client Name: ^2|OCG|^1UnDead

 776:47 K;185269;7;allies;^2|OCG|^1UnDead;186276;8;axis;^2|OCG|^9CerealKilla;mp40_mp;135;MOD_HEAD_SHOT;head
Server Time: 776:47
Type: K
Attackee GUID: 185269
Attackee ID: 7
Attackee Team: allies
Attackee Name: ^2|OCG|^1UnDead
Attacker GUID: 186276
Attacker ID: 8
Attacker Team: axis
Attacker Name: ^2|OCG|^9CerealKilla
Attacker Weapon: mp40_mp
Damage: 135
Damage Type: MOD_HEAD_SHOT
Damage Location: head

 777:42 D;185269;7;allies;^2|OCG|^1UnDead;186276;8;axis;^2|OCG|^9CerealKilla;mp44_mp;60;MOD_RIFLE_BULLET;neck
Server Time: 777:42
Type: D
Attackee GUID: 185269
Attackee ID: 7
Attackee Team: allies
Attackee Name: ^2|OCG|^1UnDead
Attacker GUID: 186276
Attacker ID: 8
Attacker Team: axis
Attacker Name: ^2|OCG|^9CerealKilla
Attacker Weapon: mp44_mpp
Damage: 60
Damage Location: neck

Round Win:
 782:28 W;axis;107521;^2|OCG|^4STINKYPETE;186276;^2|OCG|^9CerealKilla
Server Time: 782:28
Type: W
Team: axis
GUID + Players: 107521;^2|OCG|^4STINKYPETE;186276;^2|OCG|^9CerealKilla

Round Loss:
 782:28 L;allies;185269;^2|OCG|^1UnDead;104252;^2[OCG]^4Paulaner_Pils
Server Time: 782:28
Type: L
Team: allies
GUID + Players: 185269;^2|OCG|^1UnDead;104252;^2[OCG]^4Paulaner_Pils